McBurney Revitalizes Modern Language of Tanizaki


Theater in Review
Reported by Crow Echirov TANAKA ,Shibuya ,Tokyo

Why the sub-prime loan problem occurred in the States and EU zone? The answer is pretty obvious. Excessive money liquidity is it. This has been making the situation of “Bubble economy”.
Almost the same kind of condition could be seen in the realm of language? No. It is the very same incident. The more overwhelming capitalism spreads, the lighter meaning of the word is. People can exchange daily words to communicate--even sell-- so rapidly that commnications go back and forth much more faster among the people and that words are turning into liquid. This is bubble of language.

Simon Mcburney and Complicite succeed in taking back in hands solid meaning of word by way of use of the text of Junichiro Tanizaki’s “A Portrait of Shunkin” and” In Praise of Shadows”. Tdoay’s work sets under the title of “shun-kin”.
He shaped and chased the edge of the Tanizaki’s story literal clear in 2-hours-stage. Deep and S/M complexed love between Shunkin (Eri Fukatsu)and Sasuke (Songha Cho) hits.

Yes, at the same time, he used Kabuki and Bunraku method : the former made the story drive,and the latter made the early age of Shunkin as a doll be effective.
As extracted story in old Edo Period was dipped into the contemporary reading show on the radio in Kyoto,the audience experience the past and the present on the stage. Older Sasuke(Yoshi Oida) always at the center adds one more time zone. People have triple layer of time to induce this supreme love alive.
Reciting of text and projected written text to the stage wall draw attention onto avant-garde and sophisticated Tanizaki’s ecriture itself that must be Mcburney’s main intention.

This is not the production of praising Japanese culture but showing universality of self- sacrifice and Sade-like love on the route of caring usage of word tight and rigid,that the Japanese had lost.

(February 26,2008 Setagaya Public Theater, Tokyo)






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田中 公一朗
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『春琴抄』、自分も読み直しました。若いときに気がつかない偉大さ! これは若いときに読んだから差がわかるのでしょうけれど。
同じことは、『おくのほそ道』でもありまして 笑 「古典」と呼ばれている作品の「読み」をそうとう注意しないとなあ、と実感、切に。


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